Established in 2008, at Development Garden we have many years of experience from a range of corporate settings in both the private and public sectors, with a particular strength in Financial Services. One of the things that we believe makes us different from many of our competitors is that we have all successfully held operational management positions in the past – we don’t believe you can coach and train this stuff with credibility unless you’ve been there and done it for yourself!

We don’t preach psychology and management jargon at you that we’ve picked up from text books – theory is fine but it’s the practical application that really matters. We ensure the management theories and models come off the page and become pragmatic and practical actions and tools that you will be able to take away and use for yourself again and again and again. To embed and sustain your learning, we will continue to be available to you after our formal contracted work has finished; we want to hear about your on-going successes and give you the encouragement to continue to develop and grow following our work together.

We have a team of development professionals who specialise in supporting and coaching individuals, teams and organisations using a wide variety of tools and techniques. From psychometric profiling, to facilitated discussion; from coaching to formal workshop delivery, we will work with you to create a bespoke solution for your needs ensuring that we:

Create added value by:

  • Helping you identify pragmatic and practical actions for development
  • Stimulating and facilitating high impact discussions and thinking
  • Developing the things that matter to you and any individuals involved
  • Giving you a real and meaningful development experience
  • Flexing our styles and approaches to maximise the impact of our involvement
  • Working as catalysts for change in behaviour, attitude and capability
Sarah Cooper
Managing Director